Get ready, Minnesota, here comes another heat wave

It's going to be a sweltering summer, isn't it?

"Turn it up high, Reggie. I wanna burn!" 

Those are the words spoken by Ben Stiller's character in the movie "Dodgeball," and they're perfect for what's on the way for Minnesota. 

According to the National Weather Service, another heat wave will impact the heart of the country and the Upper Midwest, including Minnesota, beginning late next week into the following week. 

Much of the state is fresh off a stretch of six consecutive days of 90-degree weather. 

The next heat wave should come as no surprise considering climatologists, earlier this week, noted that there appears to be a direct link to very hot summers when there are multiple 90-degree days in May, and the Twin Cities had six of them this year. 

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Overall, it's been weather whiplash the last two months for Minnesota, having gone from one of the coldest Aprils on record to one of the hottest Mays ever. 

In fact, the average high in the Twin Cities (MSP Airport) in April was 47.4 degrees, followed by an average daily high temperature of 78.4 degrees in May. 

What's crazier is that it's just the fifth time ever the Twin Cities has seen the average temp change by 30+ degrees from one month to the next. 

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