Giordano's has an 'Impossible Pizza,' and it's available in the Twin Cities

Giordano's has two MN locations: Uptown Minneapolis and Richfield.
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Not to be outdone by fast food restaurants like Burger King, a famous deep-dish pizza chain is getting in on the Impossible Foods craze — and you can taste the result here in Minnesota. 

Chicago-based Giordano's is now offering the Impossible Pizza, with the plant-based alternative standing in for sausage.

Available in thin crust, extra thin crust, and the chain's signature deep dish, the meatless pizza launched at 70 Giordano's locations — including both Minnesota stores, Uptown Minneapolis and Richfield — on Tuesday.

“We’re partnering with Impossible Foods to offer customers the award-winning, plant-based meat as an alternative to our popular sausage ingredient," said Giordano's president and CEO Yorgo Koutsogiorgas in a news release. 

The release says Giordano's is "the first pizza chain to roll out the plant-based product as a pizza topping nationwide," although Little Caesars certainly came close this year.

According to CNET, Little Caesars introduced its own Impossible sausage pizza in May, and it was available at 58 stores in three states (Florida, New Mexico and Washington).

A number of other restaurant chains have partnered with Impossible recently; these include White Castle, Red Robin, Hard Rock Cafe and Qdoba, among others. 

So, in case you haven't tried any yet and you're wondering, what exactly are "Impossible Foods" made of?

According to the company's website, soy and potato protein give their foods "a meaty bite," while heme — an iron-containing molecule that "makes meat taste like meat" — is the source of Impossible's signature flavor. 

You can find out more about Impossible's process right here. 

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