Girl's front yard jewelry stand makes $20,000 and counting for Minneapolis families in need

This will have your kids reconsidering their summer lemonade stand plans.
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A little girl in the Twin Cities has sold more than $20,000 worth of homemade jewelry in her front yard, and all of the money is going to charity. 

Kamryn Johnson, the 9-year-old daughter of former Gophers star wide receiver Ron Johnson, began her jewelry venture earlier this week and its quickly blossomed into a money maker for families in need in Minneapolis. 

"I told my mom the idea and she said that we should give the money to the people in Minneapolis and I said that that would be a great idea," Kamryn told WCCO-TV

Johnson, who can be heard and seen on KFAN radio and FOX 9 as a football analyst, said she made over $800 the first day and it has exploded in popularity since. 

"She has blisters on her fingers now. She's been working hard for four days now. She's been working harder than I have, I've just had to tweet and get on the radio," Johnson said in the WCCO-TV feature. 

Johnson has been sharing updates on his Twitter account, noting that Southwest Christian High School donated $1,000 while many others on Wednesday opted to trade $40 for a bracelet. 

Others to make a donation or stop by some jewelry are University of Minnesota President Joan Gable, Minnesota Lynx guard Rachel Banham, and FOX 9 anchor Dawn Mitchell. 

A neighbor told Kamryn he'd match whatever they had generated. Then he found out the total at the time was more than $17,000, which quickly changed the situation. 

Johnson wrote: "He said: 'OMG I can’t match $17,000. I had no idea.'"

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