Green Bay radio station edits Lizzo song so it doesn't mention the Vikings

Pettiness, thy name is Wisconsin.
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The radio home of the Green Bay Packers edited a song by Minneapolis' Lizzo to satisfy their insecurity-riddled fanbase by removing reference to the Minnesota Vikings.

Yes, the Green Bay Gazette reports that 101 WIXX liked the sound of Lizzo's 2017 "Truth Hurts" track except for one line in the chorus: "Fresh photos with the bomb lighting, New man on the Minnesota Vikings."

So in order to play it without causing thousands of Packers fans to throw up their cheese dinners, the station dropped Atlantic Records a call and informed it that they'd be editing out the reference to the Packers "without compromising the beat or rhythm of the song."

It's not clear whether the station also edited out the two F-bombs and four uses of "bitch" the song also includes, or if it's the case that "Vikings" is the only dirty word in Green Bay, especially after the Packers' 3rd place finish last season.

WIXX music director Otis Day told the newspaper that Atlantic saw the funny side, before saying a Minneapolis radio station would do the same thing in the same situation.

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Thing is, we don't see many trend-setting musicians dropping references to the Packers into otherwise unrelated songs – but hey, maybe we can convince Bon Iver's Justin Vernon to do it for his next album, I bet The Current would play it.

Wisconsin can't help it if Minnesota makes better music. Minnesota has Prince, Wisconsin has Garbage.

Sorry Wisconsin, but the Truth Hurts.

(Full disclosure: Garbage is actually a good band, though we would content that it's mostly down to Shirley Manson ... who is Scottish).

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