Grocery stores in Grand Marais close, only provide curbside pickup or delivery

No more in-store shopping in the North Shore city.
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Grocery shopping

All grocery stores in Grand Marais have shut their doors to shoppers and will be operating only as curbside pickup and delivery services.

The decision was taken after "collaborative conversations" between Gene's IGA, Johnson's Foods, and the Cook County Whole Foods Cooperative, which say it will allow them to continue serving the community while "keeping their employees safe during the crisis."

Grocery stores and pharmacies have been one of the few stores that shoppers can still go into, but Grand Marais residents will now need to go further afield if they want to shop the aisles.

The local grocery stores will be taking call and email orders, and will then pack them and schedule a time for pickup and delivery.

"It is important that community members remain patient with the stores during this process," the stores said in a media announcement.

The closures will also mean that grocery employees "will be able to maintain a safe distance from large numbers of people during the social distancing effort."

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Curfew in Red Lake

It's just one example of the differing efforts being taken in communities across Minnesota to reduce exposure to COVID-19.

Another example concerns with Red Lake Band of Chippewa, which has taken the step of imposing a nighttime curfew to stem the transmission of the virus.

The 8,500 people living on reservation land will be banned from being outside between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., unless they're going to or from a job or a medical emergency, per MPR News.

"We do have an at-risk community here. And so we are very much inclined to take actions that protect the well-being of our elders and those most at risk for complications," Red Lake Tribal Secretary Sam Strong told MPR.

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