Growers' massive pumpkins set world record in Stillwater

They broke a record set by rivals in Ohio last year.
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Stillwater was the setting for a world record on Saturday, as a group of growers brought their giant pumpkins to be weighed.

At the Stillwater Harvest Fest, 10 pumpkins grown by members of the St. Croix Growers' Association had an average weight of 1,912lbs.

That smashes the record for the average weight of a festival's top 10 pumpkins, beating the 1,825 lbs set by perennial multi-time record holders, the Ohio Valley Giant Pumpkin Growers, last year.

The biggest pumpkin submitted to the Stillwater event came from Pete Midthun, whose leviathan clocked in at a ridiculous 2,091 lbs, according to the harvest fest.

Joe Ailts, president of the St. Croix Growers' Association, told the Pioneer Press that a combination of the allure of the Stillwater event, good summer growing weather and more growers participating helped achieve the record.

He said it comes with significant "bragging rights" in the pumpkin world, and believes it'll be a long time before their Ohio rivals can come close to matching it.

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