Grumpy's Bar & Grill in Minneapolis is closing after 20 years

They left one heckuva final message for their non-supporters.
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After 20 years at 1111 Washington Avenue South in downtown Minneapolis, Grumpy's Bar & Grill will be closing this fall. 

The popular local bar chain announced the looming closure in a Facebook post Tuesday morning, saying they'll use the money they'll save by closing to bolster Grumpy's locations in northeast Minneapolis and Roseville. 

"We appreciate the hell out of 20 years of support from the area and we would have gladly stuck around for 20 more, but to be blunt, the way tastes are changing downtown we would have maybe made it a couple more years by the skin of our teeth. You all know the demographic shift around these parts is massive, and our declining sales bear that out."

Why is the bar closing?

"There's been a thousand paper cuts like a few hundred food trucks roaming downtown daily, property taxes being ten times what they were when we opened, a building in need of overwhelming repair, etc. etc. etc. and it is what it is," the Facebook post says. 

In closing the Facebook post, Grumpy's thanked its supported then lived up to its name with this: "And to the pedal pubs, and those (expletive) from the suburbs that left the occasional one star pissy review on a max capacity game day crowded bar, you folks can still (expletive) right off."

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An exact date for closure has not been announced. 

Once vacated, the space will be developed by Ox-Op Art Gallery, the art studio run by Grumpy's owner Tom Hazelmyer, according to Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal, which has more detail on a proposed seven-story apartment complex that could fill the area as well. 

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