Guy Fieri's chicken restaurant chain is coming to Minnesota

It'll be opening at the Mall of America.
Guy Fieri at Chicken Guy! at Disney Springs

The chicken tender restaurant chain owned by celebrity chef Guy Fieri is coming to Minnesota.

Chicken Guy!, which was founded by the "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" star and restaurateur Robert Earl, will be opening its first Minnesota restaurant in early 2020.

No surprises for guessing where it's headed, the Mall of America, which will become the 5th location of Chicken Guy! since the first opened in Disney Springs in summer 2018.

It'll take up residence on level 3, North next to Piada.

"'Go Big or Go Home’ has always been my motto and when it comes to bringin’ Chicken Guy! to Mall of America, I think it’s spot on,” said Fieri in a press release from the MOA.

"The people of Minnesota know great food and I’ve been able to try a lot of it while visiting on DDD. But now, I’m stoked to add a lit bit of my own flavor with my real deal chicken tenders and sauces."

The menu features either grilled or fried chicken tenders in sandwiches, on skewers or in salad bowls, which can be accompanied by 22 different sauces.

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The tenders themselves are "brined in fresh lemon juice, pickle juice and buttermilk" and then "infused with fresh herbs" before being cooked and pair with sauces that include Avocado Creme, Peri Peri, Curry Mayo and Nashville Honey Hot.

Sides include "Chicken Guy Fries," mac 'n' cheese, fried pickles, and slaw, as well as two ice cream desserts.

Fieri has been a regular visitor to Minnesota over the years for his flagship show, with restaurants he's visited including Bayport BBQ, Nye’s Polonaise (RIP), Prairie Dogs and Victor’s 1959 Cafe in Minneapolis, the Nook in St. Paul, Donatelli’s in White Bear Lake, Gordy’s Hi-Hat in Cloquet and the Northern Waters Smokehouse in Duluth.

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