Halsey full of love for Minneapolis after free show at The Armory

Tickets were snapped up within minutes of being made available.
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Giving fans just 4 days notice of her free show at The Armory, pop megastar Halsey was full of love for Minneapolis after 8,000 fans packed the downtown venue.

Performing a surprise gig in the wake of the release of new single, "Nightmare," Halsey wowed the crowd with a spectacular show on Monday evening.

After leaving the stage, Halsey took to her Twitter page to gush about the reaction she received from fans, and praised Minneapolis as "one of my favorite cities to play."

"That mood when 8,000 people show up with 2 days notice to see you play a surprise release show in MINNEAPOLIS!!!!" she wrote. "There’s a reason this is one of my favorite cities to play too. And they f----- proved it tonight."

"I LOVE you," she continued. "I cannot even begin to explain it. You take my breath away. A whoosh in my chest like a vacuum cleaner that sucks both corners of my mouth up into a smile. I love you."

And then another tweet: "Not a chance I could be happier rn. Love you goodnight we’re just getting started...."

And another:

The fans loved it every bit as much as Halsey did – in fact, Setlist.com notes that she had to restart her hit "Bad At Love" because the "singing in the audience drowned out the band."

Here are some fan clips and reactions from the show.

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