Heirloom restaurant in St. Paul closes its doors

The farmhouse-style restaurant had a short-lived no-tipping policy.
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St. Paul has lost another restaurant with the closure of Heirloom Kitchen & Bar.

The Merriam Park neighborhood restaurant offering "farmhouse cuisine" announced that Tuesday was its last day of service.

Head chef and owner Wyatt Evans, who was for a long time a chef at the St. Paul's historic W.A. Frost, announced the closure in an emotional post on Tuesday.

"I had a dream of opening a restaurant that put hospitality first by celebrating the genuine connections between people, food and the overall guest experience," he wrote.

"I truly feel that we accomplished that here. I felt very proud of every note of laughter, every tasty bite of food and every connection we were able to make with our wonderful, wonderful guests."

He added: "My heart is heavy in thinking that I may not get to take care of so many regulars that kept this place going, and sorry that we won't be here for you anymore."

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The restaurant opened in winter 2015 on Marshall Avenue, just across the Lake Street bridge on the St. Paul side of the Mississippi River.

As the Eater recounts, it initially opened with a goal of paying all employees a fair wage and doing away with tipping, but it eventually had to drop this program.

The past few months have seen St. Paul restaurants including Biergarten Germania, the Muddy Pig, Ward 6 and Fabulous Fern's close their doors.

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