Henderson forced to put up flood wall once again after rain, snow melt

Residents have one reliable way out of the city at this point.
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The Rush River over Highway 93 south of Henderson.

The Rush River over Highway 93 south of Henderson.

The city of Henderson is once again dealing with closed, flooded highways after the recent bout of precipitation.

MnDOT says the Rush River is now flooding Hwy. 93 south of Henderson, and the Minnesota River is beginning to encroach at Bucks Lake near the city as well.

It's due to the recent rain and snow melt, the Mankato Free Press says.

The rising water is prompting the city of Henderson to once again put up a flood wall on Hwy. 93. KSTP reports the flood wall had just been taken down last week.

Currently two of the four main roadways out of Henderson are closed due to flooding, according to MNDOT's map - southbound on MN 93, and eastbound on Hwy. 19. But County Road 6 (the northbound way out) isn't faring much better, with waters creeping toward the center lines:

The Minnesota River at Henderson was at 734.35 feet as of 7 a.m. Friday, - minor flood stage. It's expected to rise another foot-and-a-half or so by Monday morning, reaching just under the major flood stage of 736 feet.

The flooding on Hwy. 93 won't be as bad as last month, when the flood wall held back as much as 4 feet of water. (Check out this video from that time.) But all this water has caused serious damage.

MnDOT said 10 days ago there was no timeline for reopening Hwy. 93, and in a tweet from that day shared this photo:

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