Herberger's is back – but only online for now

The retail chain closed its stores at the end of August.
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Herberger's has relaunched under new owners, although it's only online for now.

The retail chain, which originated in Minnesota but went out of business last month after its owner The Bon-Ton Stores Inc. declared bankruptcy, went live as an online store at Herbergers.com on Monday.

The new site is sticking close to what Herberger's is known for, with its online store categories including women's and men's apparel, shoes, handbags and accessories, jewelry, baby and kids clothing, home goods and bed and bathroom.

The Bon-Ton Stores was bought out by CSC Generation after it went bankrupt, with CSC sending a letter to customers on Monday saying it was "inspired by the opportunity to rebuild an American icon."

It doesn't mention anything at this stage about bringing back physical retail stores, which was something the company was reportedly considering a few weeks ago.

When CSC Generation took over, USA Today reported it was looking to re-open stores in five states. None of them are Minnesota, though Wisconsin is among those being considered.

The last of the 19 remaining Herberger's stores in Minnesota, and two Younkers stores also owned by Bon-Ton, closed for good at the end of August.

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In its letter to customers on the Herberger's website, CSC owner Jordan Voloshin said he was persuaded to try and re-build the Bon-Ton brand by "the love from customers" and because of its "competent and loyal workforce."

"I spent many days at various stores talking to customers who were truly saddened by the thought of losing their beloved brand," he wrote. "Few companies are lucky to have customers who are this invested in its success."

"As a family business focused on doing right by the customer, the company survived everything from The Great Depression to World War II," he added. "With a renewed focus on the customer, we hope to re-earn our spot in the community for the next century."

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