Here's where you can find the cheapest gas in Minnesota

It's under $2 a gallon in some places right now
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If you happen to be driving out of town for the holidays, you might want to consider fueling up at one of the gas stations featured in GasBuddy's Top 10 list of the lowest gas prices in Minnesota

At each of the spots listed, which can be found around the state (but mostly greater Minnesota), you can buy gas for under $2 a gallon. 

As of this writing, the cheapest gas in the state is $1.95, which can be found at two stations in St. Joseph (the Holiday at 304 College Ave. and the SuperAmerica at 23 W Birch St.) and one at the Costco in Woodbury.

Another St. Joseph station, the Kwik Trip at 200 2nd Ave. NW, is also on the list, making the Stearns County city a pretty advantageous place to live if you're looking to save gas money.

The most expensive gallon on the top 10 is $1.97 in Waite Park.

Still, that's significantly lower than the statewide average, which is $2.20, and a lot lower than the nationwide average of $2.34, according to AAA.  

As the Pioneer Press reports, gas prices have been driven down across the country "by a glut of crude oil," and there's a possibility they'll go even lower by year's end. 

But if you do take advantage of the cheap gas to take a drive for the holidays, beware. 

As the Joplin Globe notes, "you won't be alone," as AAA predicts people across the country will take to the roads thanks to falling gas prices. 

AAA also noted that these are the lowest December gasoline prices in two years.  

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