'High water' declared on several Hennepin County lakes, including Minnetonka

It'll affect anyone taking a boat onto the water.
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The excessive snow melt and heavy rain seen this year has led to several lakes in Hennepin County being under "high water" ordinances.

While the ordinances vary from city-to-city, Hennepin County notes that it'll mean slow to no wake orders are in effect for boaters, until lake levels drop.

There are seven lakes under high water restrictions currently in Minnesota's most populous county, among them the boating haven of Lake Minnetonka.

Here's the full list:

"We want to make it clear that the lakes in question are still open and accessible to the public," said Hennepin County Sheriff Dave Hutchinson.

"The high water ordinances are in effect to protect the public and prevent damage to structures and property on the lake. The public is still welcome to enjoy the lakes while these ordinances are in place."

The water levels on Lake Minnetonka now exceed 930-feet above sea level, a height that hasn't been reached since July of 2014.

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As of this morning, the lake was 2.64 inches above its emergency spillway, while the discharge from the Gray's Bay Dam – measured at culverts along Minnehaha Creek – has been measured at 347 cubic feet per second (cfs).

The Minnehaha Watershed District says that the ideal paddling flow along the creek is 75-150cfs.

The heavy rain that hit the Twin Cities on Monday caused flooding along Minnehaha Creek in Minneapolis, even causing a tree to uproot in the south of the city.

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