Hitting the road in Minnesota? Cops extra watchful for speeders

Extra speed enforcement in Minnesota through July 22.
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Watch your speeds if you're driving anywhere in Minnesota between today (July 6) and July 22 because law enforcement is clamping down on speeders as part of an annual speed enforcement campaign. 

Police, sheriff and state patrol will all be on the lookout for drivers traveling above posted speed limits, meaning if you get pulled over for speeding there's very little chance you'll be let off with a warning. 

Speeding ticket fines vary by county, but in general it's a good bet that 10 mph over the speed limit will cost $110 (plus court fees) and anything 20 mph over the limit will double the fine. You can lose your license if you're caught going 100 mph or faster.  

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Speeding factored in 22 percent of all fatal crashes in Minnesota in 2017 (88 deaths), and there have already been 53 deaths from speed-relating crashes in 2018, according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. 

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