HopCat say it's changing the name of its famous 'Crack Fries'

The bar chain has a location in downtown Minneapolis.
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For the past 11 years, "Crack Fries" have famously been a feature of the menu at HopCat bars across the country.

The fries were named as such for their addictive qualities and the used of cracked pepper seasoning.

But in an announcement this week, the CEO of BarFly Ventures, which owns HopCat, said they would be changing the name because it seemingly makes light of America's drug epidemic.

"We chose the name more than 11 years ago ... without consideration for those the drug negatively affected," said Mark Gray in a blog post. "We were wrong."

"Today we are announcing plans to change the name of our Crack Fries. Rest assured, the recipe and ingredients are not changing, only the name."

"The crack epidemic and the lasting impact on those it affects is not funny and never was."

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Gray said that the company's vision of inclusiveness and support for communities "is not compatible with the continued use of the Crack Fries name."

HopCat has one location in Minnesota, on Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis, which it opened in July 2017.

You can expect to see the fries' new name when its menu changes in mid-January.

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