Hopkins police, fire departments offer birthday parades to kids stuck at home

They hope it'll soften the blow for kids who are unable to have parties.
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Hopkins' fire and police departments are trying to make the birthdays of local kids a little more special during the coronavirus shutdown.

With the "Stay at Home" order making birthday parties basically impossible outside of a child's household, the police and fire departments are offering a free parade for birthday boys and girls whose parents ask for one.

A parent or caregiver can drop Hopkins Police Department a message via Facebook at least 24 hours in advance of the child's birthday.

Then, between 12-2 p.m. on the child's birthday, a parade of squad cars and fire trucks will roll past their home, flashing their lives to wish them a happy birthday.

The "Birthday Patrol" is available every day of the week, Hopkins PD announced on Facebook.

The police department said the Stay at Home order has been challenging for some residents, and "most certainly youth who have had to cancel their birthday parties in order to keep everyone safe."

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