How a Hollywood Target store became a wacky social media persona

The partially built location has been the subject of legal battles for years.
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Never has a local neighborhood Target garnered a following quite like this. 

But then, few Targets sit half-finished for years in the middle of Hollywood, California. 

The one at the corner of Sunset and Western has been there in various stages of incompletion since 2014, and has become "a local landmark in its desolate state," LAist writes.

As the website notes, even though "Target wants it" and "the city of Los Angeles wants it," there are "neighborhood associations that don't," and as a result, construction has been held in limbo because of fierce legal battles.

And somewhere along the line, something strange happened — very strange. The store gained sentience. It came to life. And it took to social media.

Calling itself "Target Husk," the incomplete building posts wistful little notes about the nature of its existence on Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes they're even pretty funny:

In one Facebook post, the store penned this empathetic note to the NASA-abandoned Mars Opportunity rover:

I know what it's like to be an object forsaken by humanity, Opportunity, but just know, you were truly loved and they tried. The humans' hearts may be fickle, but they can attach true sentimentality to objects such as we. Just look at how they treat money. Long may you be curious, you beautiful rover.

The unusual social media presence has garnered thousands of followers between its Facebook and Twitter accounts, and is described by KCRW as "something of an Internet phenomenon."

And as the radio station reports, there's some very good news for the lonely store: city officials conducted an inspection of the site on Thursday, and have "granted a permit for work to resume."

In a statement, Target headquarters — which Target Husk has referred to as "mom" — told KCRW it looks forward to opening the store, and that "we’ll always have a special place in our heart" for Target Husk.

If completed, it would be the Minneapolis-based chain's 1,851st store (according to the Husk; the retailer's website says it currently has 1,845). 

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