Huge bullsnake found in bathtub of Hastings home

Well that's ... something.
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You know when you have a long day at work, arrive back home, make some dinner, put your feet up, go to bed, wake up and find a giant bullsnake in your bathtub?

Wait, what was that about the snake?

The discovery was made by a shocked homeowner in Hastings, Minnesota, who awoke on Tuesday to find the lengthy snake in the bathroom.

After managing to bag the snake, the resident called police, and sent to the scene were Officer Mike Schmitz and Sgt. Matt Hedrick, who had the task of wrangling the slithering serpent.

Officer Schmitz posed for the picture above with his new friend, which the Hastings Police Department later said was released into a nearby woodland.

The bullsnake is one of the more common snakes in North America, and can grow up to 8 feet long, according to Reptiles Magazine.

They're non-venomous, though the magazine notes they can be "irascible and unapproachable."

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