Huge chunk of ice falls from roof, destroys my car

Don't be like me.
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The image you see above shows the result of a giant chunk of ice falling from the roof of a Minneapolis house and smashing a Dodge Neon.

The picture was taken by me, the editor of BMTN: Yes, that's my car.

That is to say, it's what's left of my car after the absolutely smorgasbord of misery that has been this winter had one, last karmic (car-mic?) laugh at my expense.

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It technically still runs, but the money I'd spend repairing it would be well in excess of what it's worth. Since I'd already planned on replacing it anyway this year, I'm taking it as sign.

I'm not one for making the news about myself, but felt it was worth sharing this as a cautionary tale, and I urge you not to follow the pretty abysmal example I set.

Let's see where I failed: 

1. Idiotically left the car far too close to the house while rain was falling after a month of snow. I actually had the thought of moving it earlier in the day, but got distracted by my son, so really it's all his fault.

2. I didn't pay someone to remove ice from the roof of our house when I had the chance, allowing the snow instead to accumulate and freeze. I could've done it myself, of course, but I'm pretty sure I would've broken my neck.

3. Didn't have comprehensive insurance on said car. To be honest this was a financial decision that made sense for a 15-year-old Neon that had seen better days, it just really came back to bite me on the ass.

All too late we've called in some ice dam removers to get the rest of the icebergs safely off of our roof, though we now face a nervous wait till they arrive.

We can expect more of these snow-slipping shenanigans across the state later this week, with rain expected to arrive once again on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Be careful out there, particularly around snow-capped homes with a careless owner...

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