Husband dies from rare illness 4 days before wife gives birth to son

He fell ill while his wife was in hospital ahead of the premature birth of their child.
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The day Kelsey Ferguson was admitted to hospital because of her high risk pregnancy, her husband Scott fell seriously ill.

The 30 year old former St. Cloud State University football star started coughing up blood after returning home that night, and struggled to catch his breath.

He had been complaining of ill health for weeks, according to his Caring Bridge page, and it turns out he had developed a rare form of vasculitis, which ultimately claimed his life on Friday, June 8.

Four days later, Kelsey Ferguson gave birth to their son, Maxley, at 33 weeks.

He weighed just 2lbs 4oz and, though came out breathing on his own, will require several weeks in the NICU at the Abbott Northwestern Mother and Baby Center in Minneapolis.

Because of a heart defect, he will also require surgery at around 4-6 months.

The heartache and tribulations endured by the Prior Lake family prompted Kelsey's sister, Codi Breeggemann, to create a GoFundMe page to raise money to help the new mother and son in the wake of their devastating loss and future challenges.

In the space of just 5 days, it has raised almost $35,000 as of Saturday morning.

After the birth of Maxley, Kelsey Ferguson wrote on her Facebook page: "I am beyond thrilled to announce the arrival of our perfect little bundle of joy.

"Maxley will grow up knowing his dad, loving his dad and hopefully being just like his dad."

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A wife's final moments with her beloved husband

On Caring Bridge, Kelsey writes about how she was able to spend the last moments with her husband when it became apparent he wouldn't survive, despite herself struggling with her pregnancy.

"They wheeled me in to be with Scott. In his final moments I was able to tell him how much I loved him, how much our son loved him, hold his hand, give him a hug and just be with him.

"It was by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I didn't want to leave him but after almost fainting a few times and dry heaving, my mom and sister wheeled me back to my own hospital room at Mother Baby Center."

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The pair had met at St. Cloud State in 2010, and after a period of long distance relationship after college – Scott being from Ontario – they finally settled in Minnesota and got married in 2016.

Tributes have been paid to Ferguson by, among others, his alma mater, for whom Scott was a member of the Huskies between 2006-2010, ending his tenure as one of its most successful players.

A 6'6" lineman, in 2010 he helped the Huskies to what at the time was its best record in program history at 10-3.

"Our staff and football program are devastated by the loss of Scott Ferguson," the Huskies said.

"Scott was an instrumental player, teammate and leader during one of the most successful periods in Huskies football history. He will be deeply missed for his competitive spirit, big laugh and endearing personality that made him a team favorite" 

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