IHOP changes its name back from IHOb, surprising nobody

They really had us going...
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In the least shocking news this century, IHOP has returned to its original, pancake-themed name after a brief flirtation with burgers.

The International House of Pancakes attracted headlines last month when it revealed it would be changing its name to International House of Burgers (IHOb) as it promoted its line of burger menu items.

It had many speculating that the move was a publicity stunt (no speculation needs, it clearly was from the start).

But the restaurant chain came clean on Tuesday by reverting back to its original name.

"We’d never turn our back on pancakes (except for that time we faked it to promote our new burgers)," it said.

For IHOP, the publicity stunt definitely had an impact. Its "word of mouth" rating on YouGov's BrandIndex increased measurably after the switch to IHOb.

It was the biggest increase in IHOP's word of mouth rating since the polling company started its BrandIndex in 2012.

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