In an old Herberger's, the Haunted Basement finds a new home

It'll be moving into the Rosedale Center.
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HB May Press Release

As classic horror movie settings go, an abandoned department store is pretty good.

And that will be the new setting for the Haunted Basement, the attraction that for years has frightened the bejesus out of visitors from the Soap Factory in St. Anthony Main.

After having to leave the Soap Factory after its 2016 scarefest, it has resided at a building on East Hennepin Avenue for the past two Halloweens.

Now it's found an even bigger, more ambitious home in the form of the "now deceased" Herberger's at the southeast corner of Rosedale Center in Roseville.

It will be taking over the lower level of the store, which shut down along with the rest of the Herberger's last year.

It will therefore give the Haunted Basement's scare experts more than 20,000 square feet of space to work with.

“It’s a big growth spurt for us," said Sarah Salisbury, production director for Haunted Basement, in a press release.

"This being our thirteenth year, we thought we’d test our boundaries as 'teenagers' and try something bigger and scarier than years past.

"When we were approached by Rosedale we thought this is the perfect opportunity to continue our tradition of artist driven horror, just a little bigger than usual."

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Construction and design of the horror playground is underway, with the attraction opening from the end of September though Nov. 2, with tickets available to purchase in advance at beginning Aug. 1.

While Haunted Basement will continue to offer its 18+ immersive experiences (which require you sign a waiver), it also offers "Fraidy Cat" tours, where the lights are on and "creep-free."

This year, for the first time, it'll also offer no-touch haunted tours for 15-17 year olds, provided they have a guardian present and a waiver has been signed.

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