In email that went viral, University of Minnesota student attempts to create a Zach 'supergroup'

Zachs could take over the university.
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Just started at the University of Minnesota? Named Zach? If your answer to both is "yes," you've got the opportunity to join a new "supergroup."

An email was sent out this week to people named "Zach" at the University of Minnesota – including staff, faculty and alumni – by one of their namesakes who is seeking to create a group filled with Zachs.

The email was shared on Twitter by Zach Portman, a research scientist and bee taxonomist at the U's Cariveau Native Bee Lab, where it promptly went viral with more than 7,000 retweets as of Friday morning.

The email describes an attempt to "create a supergroup" whose goal is to "take over certain areas of the university, whether it be intramurals, other student groups, or small random classes."

The emailer is quite specific too, this is a group for those named "Zach" only, and will not be accepting variations such as "Zak" or "Zack."

In following tweets, Portman noted that the email has been sent to more than 700 "Zachs" and as of Wednesday there had been "79 reply alls and 1 follow up email."

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