In praise of Lunds & Byerlys' Buy One, Get One deals

The deals are extremely good value at a store that sometimes isn't.
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Lunds & Byerlys ranked second-to-last when this writer went out into the Twin Cities grocery world in 2017 to find the cheapest supermarket in the metro area, so it's not somewhere to go if you're looking to save money.

It's one of the Twin Cities more exclusive grocery store brands, with only Whole Foods likely to hit you harder in the wallet.

But I'm a creature of convenience, and it so happens that L&B is closer to my house than any other grocery store, 5 minutes closer than Cub, Target and Aldi.

Being the kind of person who prefers to save a few minutes than a few bucks, I sometimes find myself doing the milk run to Lunds, which ends up becoming more costly as my resolve falters and I end up leaving with 10-12 items I really don't need.

This brings me to this past Monday, when I landed at Lunds amidst one of its semi-regular Buy One, Get One (BOGO) sales. I went there for loaf of bread, and found myself a short time later with my bank account $50 lighter.

This was one of the few times where I didn't resent the outlay, as Lunds & Byerlys BOGO deals seem to me to be genuinely good value.

Provided you stick to only the foods on offer and are confident you can consume/freeze them before they go off, there are savings to be had.

Ok, my family are unlikely to get through the two 3lb bags of Halo clementines (2 for $6.99) that were almost certainly past ripe when I got them, but we'll be darned if we aren't going to try.

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And it might be that I've been inspired into writing this piece because they had Old Dutch Kettle Chips in the BOGO offer (the salt and vinegar flavor is the best in the world, imho).

Food and drink at L&B is typically priced higher than you'll find at most other Twin Cities grocery stores, but when they fall under the BOGO banner they're suddenly decent bargains.

In this week's ad, for example, Gold 'N' Plump skinless chicken breasts are BOGO at $5.99/lb, so they're effectively $2.99/lb.

Another offer included in the BOGO deal is Old Dutch Chips, and it's the Old Dutch salt & vinegar kettle chips – in my opinion the best in the world – that inspired me to write this piece. Oh – and did I mention there's also buy one, get one on Top The Tater?

A 48oz. carton of Edy's Ice Cream is BOGO at $6.49, while some cereal brands – which I tend to avoid as I find they're some of the more expensive items at Lunds – are two for $4.39.

I picked up two tubs of hummus for $3.99 and I find hummus expensive to buy at any grocery store in the Twin Cities, never mind Lunds, so I considered this a real steal.

Regrettably, particularly considering I only decided to write about this today, the latest BOGO offer period ends tonight, though Lunds has told me that some items will continue to be on sale over the next week.

In the meantime, I'll wait wistfully for the next BOGO season at Lunds, and maybe try to make the effort to go that little further to Aldi in the future...

I wish to affirm that I'm not paid by, nor do I or Bring Me The News have any financial interest in, Lunds & Byerly.

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