Indeed Brewing Company will trade plastic handles for free beer

The Northeast Brewery is the latest to recycle the 6-pack toppers.
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Ever wonder what those plastic handles holding your craft beer together are called? Probably not. But they could now buy you a free beer at Indeed Brewing Company in Northeast Minneapolis.

It turns out those handles are made by a company called PakTech. Indeed announced Wednesday it would join a growing list of breweries to accept PakTech handles in exchange for discounts or free beer.

One or more handles will get you $2 off any one beer. Four or more will get you a free beer.

Indeed points out that because PakTech handles are made from rigid plastic, they’re not accepted at most local recycling facilities, even though they're made with recycled materials.

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PakTech interest works with outside companies to recycle the plastics into things like flower pots, pipes and park benches. By teaming up with breweries, the company helps ensure PakTech plastics end up recycled.

Indeed isn’t the only local brewery partaking in the program. Utepils Brewing, 56 Brewing and Modist Brewing Co. also accept handles for recycling.

The promotion comes as plastic waste is a growing concern for many consumers. According to National Geographic, only about 9 percent of plastics that have ever been produced have been recycled. That means 6.3 billion metric tons have become waste. 

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