Indoor skydiving center opening near Ridgedale Center

You're suspended in a wind tunnel featuring 150 mph winds.
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The sport of bodyflight is coming to the Twin Cities with the opening of an indoor skydiving center next week. 

The iFly indoor skydiving center will be located in the Ridgedale Center parking lot, near Macy's, and it opens on Dec. 22. 

It offers people who want to experience skydiving a very real simulation by suiting up and being lifted in a tube of air that manufactures wind speeds of 150 mph to keep you elevated, essentially mimicking what it feels like to jump out of a plane and speed to the ground. 

"Bodyflight is one of the most exciting, fastest growing sports in the world. Even cooler? Nearly anyone can become a skilled flyer through our progression system, personalized coaching, and introduction into a supportive and inclusive community,' iFly's website says

iFly has locations throughout the country but this its first appearance in Minnesota. 

The cost ranges from $70 to $300 depending on how many flights and people are involved. But from start to finish, the experience lasts up to two hours and is the equivalent of 1 1/2 skydives, according to iFly. 

You have to weight 300 pounds or less and be at least three years of age to do it, and all participants have to sign a flight waiver. 

Once you're in and your waiver is signed the process is pretty simple. You have to go through a classroom training session with an instructor, following by putting on a helmet, flight suit and goggles and then you start flying through the wind tunnel. 

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