Instagram star from Minnesota has her cookbook recalled because of toxic ingredients

Johnna Holmgren has 132,000 followers on Instagram.
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We're used to seeing tainted food recalled, less so tainted recipes.

But that's what has happened this past week to a Minnesota blogger and Instagram star, whose first cookbook contains potentially poisonous ingredients.

Rodale Books announced it will cease promoting and discontinue the publication of Johnna Holmgren's book, Tales from a Forager's Kitchen: The Ultimate Field Guide to Evoke Curiosity and Wonderment with More Than 80 Recipes and Foraging Tips.

The reason is because one of the recipes is for a smoothie that calls for the use of raw morel mushrooms and raw elderberries, while another recipe also involves raw morels dipped in chocolate and chilled.

The issue? Both of these ingredients are toxic if they're not cooked.

As Buzzfeed notes, the recipe came in for some questions among buyers on Amazon, prompting Holmgren to respond that the book is meant for "adventurous eaters," noting that she and her husband have never had any problems eating raw mushrooms.

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Nonetheless a recall followed, with retailers now being encouraged to return their stock, and offering full refunds to customers who've bought the book.

Consuming raw morels can lead to nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

Holmgren is behind the blog Fox Meets Bear, and has amassed more than 132,000 followers on Instagram as she posts about life with her husband (a chalk artist) and their three children at their home in Minnesota's woodlands.

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