Internet chipping in to help homeless man who risked it all for his dog

Jay Mitchell is in the hospital for severe frostbite, a month after his wife's death.
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Life has dealt some serious blows to Jay Mitchell lately (and he's far from out of the woods), but thanks to some local media coverage and the kindness of strangers around the internet, he's no longer on his own.

Mitchell is currently battling a case of frostbite so severe, he's in the burn unit at Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC). 

According to a GoFundMe set up on his behalf, he's been living out of his car with his dog, Hero, following the death of his wife from cancer recently.

KARE 11 says that during a stay in a motel room last month (when a record cold snap struck the state) he noticed something wrong with his feet — white blisters, one of the symptoms of frostbite

Though he got treatment at HCMC, he tells the station he soon left to rescue his dog from the motel room, against medical advice and despite warnings that he could die if he ventured out in his condition. 

As doctors feared, it worsened his frostbite. He's back in the hospital, and now facing amputation of one or both feet, his GoFundMe says. 

But his story struck a chord with the community, receiving coverage in the Star Tribune, a KSTP interview, and the aforementioned KARE 11 piece. 

The Tribune says a hospital case worker found a temporary home for Hero, and the person taking care of her, John Ganfield, is the same one who started the GoFundMe.

The fundraising effort is seeking $40,000 to help Mitchell with medical expenses and lodging. 

Since launching on Friday, it has managed to raise nearly $33,000 of that goal. 

You can help by clicking right here. 

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