Investigoation leads to arrest of baaaaaad boy in Inver Grove Heights

We've reached out limit on puns.
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A goat that was on the loose in Inver Grove Heights has finally been captured. 

The goat, identified as ... a goat ... was captured Thursday morning, according to the Inver Grove Heights Police Department. 

"After an extended search, countless calls and some help from a resident, the goat is resting safely in a pen in the police department garage. He’s actually pretty tame, but was obviously afraid," police said. 

Despite fleeing police, the goat will be allowed to leave so long as it doesn't leave the property of a Minnesota-based shelter for farm animals. 

The group of cops that captured the goat will be rewarded by the chief of police with an all-they-can-eat feedbag featuring pizza and buffalo wings. 

"We’re guessing the Chief’s probably filled with regret right now; this team is filled with big eaters." 

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