It's a boy: Como Park Zoo welcomes baby giraffe to the herd

The still-unnamed calf was born Tuesday and will likely debut next week.
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The newest addition to St. Paul's Como Park Zoo is a whopper.

Weighing 160 pounds and standing (perhaps with a bit of a wobble) 6’ 4” tall, the baby giraffe was born at the zoo on Tuesday amid a social media fanfare.

A rather graphic picture of the big little guy's birth-in-progress went viral on Facebook, gathering thousands of reactions and nearly 600 shares (a City Pages headline declared that the photo is "best seen after lunch"):

The as-yet-unnamed male was born to Clover and father Skeeter; the zoo says he's the eighth calf born to Clover and the 23rd giraffe birth at Como overall.

He's also Clover's biggest birth, and Skeeter's first male offspring. 

The zoo says the baby will likely make his public debut next week, which will allow time "for Clover and her baby to bond behind-the-scenes."

No word yet on when or how the young giraffe will be named, but in the past, the zoo has allowed the public to vote on the names of its newborns. 

Currently, there's a contest to name a baby zebra at Como. You can take part by clicking on the post below:

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