It's been 7 years since a large tornado ripped through north Minneapolis

The tornado touched down in St. Louis Park and moved north-northeast.
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May 22, 2011 produced deadly tornadoes across country, from the depths of tornado alley up through Minnesota, where a large twister spun through north Minneapolis leaving hundreds of homes damages and one person dead. 

According to the DNR, the tornado touched down in St. Louis Park just to the southwest of the intersection of Interstate 394 and Hwy. 100. 

It tracked northeast into Golden Valley and then reached Minneapolis, pounding the area around Lowry Avenue and Logan Avenue. It kept moving north-northeast through 42nd Avenue and Lyndale Avenue before crossing the Mississippi River and causing damage in Anoka County. 

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Radar image from the storm shows a hook echo, a radar-indicated tornado signature, (green, upside triangle represents the location of the tornado) going through north Minneapolis. 

The tornado was as large as a half-mile-wide and was on the ground for more than six miles before dissipating near the Anoka airport, only to drop down again near Forest Lake.

It wasn't an incredibly strong tornado. The National Weather Service rated it an EF1 with winds between 86-110 mph, which is a lower-end tornado. 

It's a stark reminder that people living in big cities are just as prone to being hit by tornadoes as anyone else. 

That same day, Joplin, Missouri was destroyed by an EF5 tornado that killed 158 people, the deadliest tornado in modern American history. 

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