It's still fall, and someone had to be rescued while ice fishing in MN

"Folks, it is not even close to safe to venture out on the ice."
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File this one under "Only in Minnesota."

On Saturday afternoon, the Isanti County Sheriff's Office received a call about a man who had fallen through the ice on Skogman Lake, near Cambridge.

If it seems a little early in the season (fall doesn't officially end until Dec. 21) to be falling through the ice in Minnesota, it was certainly too early for what the rescuee was doing on the lake.

"The Sergeant on scene indicates in his report the male was trying to ice fish," a Facebook post from the Isanti County sheriff says. 

"Folks, it is not even close to safe to venture out on the ice," the post said, adding, "it is however a safe bet you will go through any ice we currently have on area lakes."

Luckily, it all turned out alright. The man was able to pull himself out, and apart from being "wet and cold," he was expected to be okay.

With winter headed our way (and freezing temps and snow already hitting parts of Minnesota), it might be advisable to check out the DNR's guide to ice safety.

Two important points to remember: One, ice should be at least four inches thick (and the clearer, the better), and two, "ice is never 100 percent safe," as the graphic below warns:


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