It's stupid cold (for August) in Minnesota on Thursday

Temperatures on the border were just above freezing.
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It's the start of August, so why in the heck are we writing about how cold it is?

It's feeling like fall across Minnesota early Thursday morning, and in fact some parts up north feel decidedly wintry.

Mother Nature's cold, dead hands squeezed International Falls this morning and produced a record low, with thermometers plunging to 34 degrees. 

A near-freezing low in the middle of summer is super uncommon, even for a city as far north as International Falls. In fact, this is just the fourth time since the National Weather Service started keeping track that it's been this cold between July 1 and Aug. 2. 

  1. July 11, 1911 – 32 degrees
  2. July 7, 1997 – 34 degrees
  3. July 5, 2001 – 34 degrees
  4. Aug. 2, 2018 – 34 degrees

There's a reason International Falls has a federal trademark on "Icebox of the Nation." 

It didn't get quite that cold anywhere else in Minnesota, but lows did dip into the 40s in many areas and into the lows 50s in the metro area. 

The last time it was 34 degrees or colder in the Twin Cities was April 22, just days after a historic blizzard dumped a foot-and-a-half of snow on southern Minnesota. 

Let's get back to the heat... 

MSP airport just recorded the fourth warmest May-July on record with an average temperature of 71.8 degrees, according to Fox 9's Cody Matz

Temps across Minnesota are expected to rebound into the 70s today, and then the heat, humidity and storm chances return Friday and into the weekend. 

Highs will surge into the mid-80s in the metro with low-90s possible in southwest Minnesota on Friday, and then more mid-80s forecast for southern Minnesota on Saturday and Sunday. 

There's a chance for storms – some severe – in west-central Minnesota on Friday followed by more storms on Saturday. 

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