Jill Riley to run The Current Morning Show on her own

It comes several months after The Current parted ways with her co-host Brian Oake.
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Jill Riley has announced she will be going it alone on The Current Morning Show, months after the departure of her co-host Brian Oake.

Riley, who has been at The Current for 15 years – 10 of which as a co-host during morning drive, teased a "big announcement" last week as she returned to Twitter.

It was revealed over the weekend that she will become the solo host of The Morning Show on a permanent basis.

Her former co-host, Brian Oake, left the station suddenly this past August, and while the reason for his departure was never confirmed, it did happen shortly after he made a lengthy social media post criticizing The Palace Theater for ejecting him and his 20-year-old daughter.

In her interview with The Current's website Monday, Riley said that after running the show on her own since then, she wants to make it a permanent thing.

"It's been a great run of doing morning radio, and I don't plan to stop any time soon," she said. "I've had a total blast so far and I've learned so much about my strengths as a host, and quite frankly, areas where I needed some fine-tuning and development.

"Both Steve Seel and Brian Oake were strong radio partners, and I have fond memories of working with both of them.

"As far as the direction of the show, I'm ready to move on from the traditional male / female dynamic. While I enjoyed sharing the mic, I'm very excited to move forward as the solo host of The Current's Morning Show.

"Superproducer Anna and I are looking forward to rebuilding the show and creating space for guests, occasional cohosts, fun features and lots of room for music discussion and discovery."

Speaking with the Star Tribune, Riley said that Oake's departure left her "bummed," but the newspaper notes she is now one of the few women in charge of a rock-leaning morning show in the country.

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