Jimmy Fallon, Sir Paul McCartney surprise Twin Cities radio man Dana Wessel

Dana Wessel had one heck of a surprise while visiting New York City.
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Imagine the doors to your elevator opening to Jimmy Fallon and Beatles superstar Paul McCartney on the other side of the doors.

Not in a million years, right? Well, 2018 is apparently on that million year cycle because it's exactly what happened when Twin Cities radio personality Dana Wessel was in New York City this week. 

Wessel, a member of the Go 96.3 morning show, is in the Big Apple celebrating his anniversary with his wife, Heather. And after being part of the studio audience for a taping of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, their elevator door opened to a view of two people sitting in chairs, dressed in robes and reading newspapers.

The couple, and everyone else in the elevator, were stunned when Fallon lowered his newspaper, with McCartney, a couple of seconds later, doing the same.

In the below video, Wessel at the back of the elevator wearing the blue headband, and he appears in the first scene. 

"So, we’re put in groups of five and put on elevators. At this point, we just think we’re on a 30 Rock tour that they are testing out with friends and family," Wessel wrote in his blog

"Then the elevator doors open…there’s Jimmy Fallon pulling the paper down and saying hello. I was wondering who the second person was behind the paper. I assumed it was Seth Meyers. Like I said, I thought we were just on an after hours tour."

Not a bad story to tell the grandkids someday... 

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