Just over a week after announcing it, Glensheen cancels its 'Fire Fest'

The event was scheduled for Feb. 15.
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Lake Superior fire

Glensheen Mansion's new winter event has been canceled a little over a week after it was announced.

The Duluth attraction had revealed its plans for "Fire Fest" in January, inviting people to enjoy numerous log fires, hot drinks, and winter activities and displays on the mansion's grounds.

The event was going to culminate with the burning of a 24-foot long wooden shark, which has already been constructed.

It was scheduled for Feb. 15, but on Friday the mansion announced it has had to cancel it, as there wasn't enough time to get all the arrangements in place.

"Over the last seven years, we have proudly hosted many events that our community has come to know and love," it wrote on its Facebook page, adding: "When creating events, our intent is to offer high quality, unique experiences that you wouldn’t normally expect from a house museum.

"Many of our offerings are able to be put together in a fairly short period of time. We have grown accustomed to this pace and style of planning. Unfortunately, Fire Fest had many unexpected elements that required additional planning time with a wide variety of stakeholders.

"At Glensheen, we want to ensure that every event we offer is delivered at a standard expected by our community."

For those concerned about the fate of the wooden shark, named Clark, Glensheen says it's planning  a"cool new future" for the sculpture this coming summer.

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