KARE 11's Adrienne Broaddus bids farewell as she leaves for CNN

She has been with the station since 2014.
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KARE 11's Adrienne Broaddus is leaving the Twin Cities for a new job at CNN.

The anchor and reported, who has been at the Twin Cities NBC affiliate since 2014, revealed Monday she's taken a job as a CNN correspondent based in Chicago.

She said goodbye to Minnesota viewers Monday evening, saying: "Dreams. We all have them, some so big we wouldn't dare say them aloud."

"I'm fortunate, all of my dreams scribbled in my journal, including the latest, to become a CNN correspondent, have become a reality."

"One thing I've learned telling stories are KARE 11 TV: less is more. To show my appreciation, I'll say thank you. Thank you says it best. Thank you for inviting me into your home and trusting me, and making me feel so special in a world that will tell people who look like me "they can't," I hope I've become a visual of what is possible.

"I hope I planted a seed for someone, I hope they research what it takes to become a journalist, and I see them or you on TV someday."

Broaddus joined KARE. inJanuary 2014, having previously wqorked at WISH_TV, a CBS affiliate, in Indianapolis.

She studied at Michigan State University and also worked at TV stations in Lansing and Saginaw, MI.

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