KARE 11's Randy Shaver declared cancer-free for a second time

Great news for the popular anchor.
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Randy Shaver vowed he would beat cancer again, and beat it he has.

The long-running anchor revealed the devastating news this past August that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

This came 20 years after he was diagnosed – and beat – Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and he vowed to go "2-for-2."

He was as true as his word, announcing Friday that his prostate treatments had worked.

"So I got great news today – my prostate cancer treatments worked and my cancer is gone!" he said on Facebook. "It was a long 9 month journey but I’m officially 2for2!! Best feeling ever. Thank you to all who made it possible!"

Celebrations followed in the KARE 11 studios, with the news team presenting him with a cake as he was joined by his son and fellow KARE staffer Ryan Shaver, who embraced his father.

Since being diagnosed with cancer the first time, Shaver has launched a charity, the Randy Shaver Cancer Research & Community Fund, which raises money for local cancer research efforts.

Since its launch, the charity has raised more than $6 million, and every year holds popular events including a charity golf tournament and the "Shaver Shuffle 5K."

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