KDWB's Dave Ryan avoids guy not wearing a mask, gets stuck in elevator

Wear a mask, Ryan says ... albeit with a few added swear words.
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Long time Twin Cities radio mogul Dave Ryan found himself stuck in an elevator Thursday, and he says it's all because he elected to avoid a ride with someone who wasn't wearing a mask. 

"I come in the building this morning, got my mask," Ryan said in a Facebook Live video. "There's four elevators in the building and so a guy is not wearing a mask and he is just ahead of me and he pushes the button. I am not going to get on the elevator with a guy not wearing a mask."

Instead, Ryan hopped on a different elevator, a lift that malfunctioned on his way up to the fifth floor at 1600 Utica Ave. in St. Louis Park, which is home to iHeartMedia radio stations KDWB, KTLK, K102, KOOL 108 and KFAN. 

"So I'm stuck in the f****** elevator," Ryan said. "Had that guy been wearing a mask I would not be stuck in the elevator, so wear your ***damn f****** mask." 

After about 12 minutes of being stuck, Ryan sits down and begins answering questions from his followers. Twenty minutes later the elevator starts to ding, and slowly lowers, coming to a jolting stop at each floor. 

The video stops after approximately 33 minutes, with Ryan still stuck. He then starts another live video and is finally freed from elevator a couple of minutes later, with the guy who helped open the doors telling him that it's protocol for people who get stuck in elevators to receive a gift card of some sort. Sweet. 

Gov. Tim Walz on Wednesday issued an executive order that mandates face masks in all indoor, public spaces in Minnesota. The order goes into effect at 11:59 p.m. Friday. You can see all of the mask-wearing rules right here

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