KFAN Power Trip's Cory Cove launches 'The Initials Game' as a card game

Money is rolling in for the Power Trip's popular Friday morning quiz.

KFAN's Power Trip Morning Show host Cory Cove has launched his popular Friday morning feature, The Initials Game, as a card game – and money is flooding in.

A Kickstarter has been created by Cove, the Initials Game compere, and as of 8:40 a.m. Friday has easily surpassed initial $30,000 goal and has since surged past $110,000.

The Initials Game started in May 2014 and has garnered a huge following, with #PowerTrip and #Initials consistently trending on Twitter every Friday morning in Minneapolis, sometimes even nationally.

The game sees two initials and 12 answers in each game, with the host giving a series of clues for the players to guess, starting off difficult and getting increasingly easy.

The price of a copy for the game is $40 via Kickstarter. Those who spend $65 get a limited edition version of the game signed by the Power Trip team.

A $100 pledge gets you invited to the Initials Game party launch planned for June, while those who spend $500 get a chance to watch the game being played live in-studio.

The station says that it should be able to ship the game by July and August.

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