Kids can bowl for free around the Twin Cities this summer

A number of bowling alleys are participating in the program. Here's what you need to know.
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School's out, which means kids are looking for something fun to do this summer — while their parents are hoping that "something" doesn't deplete their bank accounts.

The Kids Bowl Free program may have a solution for all of them.

Dozens of bowling allies across the state — 37, to be exact — are participating, with most in and around the Twin Cities. 

Here's how it works, in a nutshell: kids registered in the program get two free games each day throughout the summer (the website doesn't specify any dates, though FOX 9 reports that September 2 is the last day).

To sign up, you'd normally have to enter your state or ZIP code to start with, but we've saved you a step with this link to the website's Minnesota page. From there, simply pick your bowling center and complete the registration, which is free of charge. 

After your kid is enrolled, you'll receive the necessary coupons via email. 

There is one slight catch, however: you may be on the hook for shoe rentals. Whether your bowling alley charges rental fees will be included on its respective Kids Bowl Free page. 

The Kids Bowl Free program spans the continent, with some 1,450 bowling alleys in the U.S. and Canada participating. 

According to the program's Facebook page, it was launched in 2008. 

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