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KSTP anchor Megan Newquist freaks out as snake finds its way into her home

Oh he** no, she tweeted.

Well this is not what you want to find in your home Thursday morning.

KSTP Morning Anchor Megan Newquist shared this picture on Twitter of a black snake that had slithered into her house.

"Oh Hell No!" is the appropriate response in this situation (though Newquist politely bleeped out the "Hell") as she took to social media to find out what species the snake is, believing it to be a rat snake.

She said her heart was racing upon finding it inside her west Twin Cities metro home, where she believes it had been hanging out in the back yard before deciding to venture inside.

"My kids play in the backyard all the time. Where was this thing living? How long had it been in my yard? Was it hiding under their play set?"

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She wrote in response to BMTN that the snake was released into a non-residential area about five miles from her home.

Now most snakes in Minnesota aren't harmful to humans so the chances are it posed no threat to Newquist, but there's always a fear it's someone's more exotic, venomous pet that got loose.

Speaking of getting loose, among those who responded to Newquist's appeal for information about the snake is former Green Bay Packers tight end Tom Crabtree, who is relatively confident it's a black rat snake having discussed it with "my peeps." says that of the 17 snakes found in Minnesota, only the timber rattlesnake and the Massasauga rattlesnake are venomous, and both are relatively rare.

The black rat snake however is one of the largest snakes found here, capable of growing to more than six feet in length.

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