KSTP meteorologist Dave Dahl battling cancer for a 2nd time

Dahl has plans to return to the airwaves.
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KSTP-TV announced Tuesday that longtime meteorologist David Dahl has begun a second battle with cancer. 

Already a survivor of melanoma, Dahl has now been diagnosed with another form of skin cancer. He'll undergo surgery to remove a small spot of basal cell carcinoma from his forehead on Wednesday and be out of broadcast work for an extended period of time. 

The TV station hasn't said who will replace Dahl during the 6 p.m., 6:30 p.m., and 10 p.m weekday newscasts. 

Dahl's prognosis is good, with his doctor telling the KSTP that Dahl's form of skin cancer is more often a "nuisance" than it is fatal. 

A Circle Pines native who went to Centennial High School, Dahl has worked at KSTP-TV since 1977 and been the chief meteorologist there since 1986. 

One of Dahl's industry colleagues, Ian Leonard, the chief meteorologist at FOX 9 in Minneapolis, recently overcame a second bout of cancer – and has since completed an Iron Man competition

In 2016, Leonard had surgery to remove part of his lower lip after being diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma. The skin cancer returned earlier this year, with Leonard blogging March 15 about how he found it: 

"They always said it could come back. They were quite clear. Big or small it could come back. I found it about a month ago. Rather, the blade found it. I cut myself shaving. A rare occurrence for a steady handed fella like me. It was a bump next to my lip. A bump caught the blade. And it would not stop bleeding. That’s the day I became that guy. The guy who shows up at the office with a spot of tissue paper on his face. We all laughed that I was that guy, the little piece of toilet paper on my face guy; good times. The problem happened a week later when the bump grew back quickly. Two week’s and it was back to the original blade catching size. At that point, you just seem know."

Leonard underwent topical chemotherapy treatments that kept him off the air for a couple of weeks before he returned April 24. 

You can follow all of his inspirational writing via the blog that he started after his original diagnosis right here

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