KSTP anchor reads the news while watching his beloved Capitals win the Stanley Cup

That is some A+ multi-tasking from Chris Long.
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When your team is in moments away from winning their first ever Stanley Cup, you've got to watch.

That means even if you're in the middle of your job, and even if you're job is reading the news on live TV.

That's what KSTP sportscaster Chris Long did on Thursday night, while his beloved Washington Capitals were clinching the Cup against the Vegas Golden Knights.

The Washington D.C.-area native was streaming the game from his cellphone, which was positioned on his anchor desk as he recapped the Twins game on live TV.

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Unbeknownst to him, news anchor Lindsey Brown was recording him as he did it.

To be fair to Long, he didn't waver once in his delivery, not even when he did a cheeky flip to check the score.

The die-hard Capitals fan saw the funny side, tweeting at Brown on Friday morning: "I was so on edge ... I didn't even notice you were recording."

The Caps won a nail-biter in Vegas, triumphing 4-3 to clinch the first Stanley Cup in their history.

Unfortunately, it means Minneapolis now has sole possession of the record for longest title drought among cities with 3+ men's major league franchises.

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