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Lake Superior storm returns Duluth man's long-lost canoe

It had been lost for over a year, until it washed up on Wednesday.
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While Wednesday's storm on Lake Superior was mostly destructive to Duluth, it did manage to give something back to the community.

Well, to one family, to be exact. Park Point resident Paul Kellner, who was amazed to find his old, blue canoe washed up on the shore by the huge waves that slammed the coast.

Remarkably, Kellner had lost the canoe more than a year ago, thinking it had either been washed away by the waves or stolen.

"I don't know where the heck it’s been,” Kellner told KBJR. "It could have been aliens for all I know. The gods of the lake are giving us gifts. It’s just great."

The canoe was found by Kellner's 13-year-old son Owen, who came to tell him of the unexpected gift left by Lake Superior.

Speaking to MPR, Kellner said the family started laughing when they realized.

"This is just kind of a fun story to say, 'OK here's another part of the lore of the lake. The lake takes stuff and it kind of gives it back at times, too'," he told MPR.

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