When you get right down to it, historic homes are a heck of a lot like classic cars — they’re living history, representatives of bygone eras we can only dream of living in, and, of course, they’re designed with a splendor and detail they just don’t make anymore.

Most importantly, though, there’s something about the way they make us feel when we see them, and for those of us with an affinity for the classic, that’s an incredibly special feeling.

Whatever the feeling is –cozy or awed – the home at 4920 Emerson Avenue S. inspires it.

And if you’ve ever wandered the neighborhood admiring the vintage homes before, there’s a chance this one has struck you.

Historic home, modern living

Built in 1918, this home is a prime example of architecture from the Arts & Crafts era–an era that honored the craftsman, the family, and nature.

If you’re not totally familiar with it, you’re not alone. As this excellent write-up by HGTV points out, the Arts & Crafts style is noted for its use of natural materials, built-in nooks and buffets, exposed beams and open floor plans.

The Emerson Ave home has that style in spades. That said, this house is also deceptively modern.

While the Emerson house preserves all its vintage charm and historical touches, such as leaded glass bookcases, impressive woodwork, and French doors, to name a few, the home is fully updated and redesigned for a present-day lifestyle. That includes central air conditioning, a large kitchen, a main floor powder room, and other creature comforts you’d expect of a 21st Century home.

Nestled in the Lynnhurst neighborhood of Minneapolis, the home also boasts close proximity to gorgeous public parks and the many dining and shopping options along 50th Street.

As for the amenities, space is definitely a luxury of this home, with its four bedrooms (one of which is the owners’ suite), two summer porches, a 2-car garage and 2,536 square feet of room to work with.

The deal

Listed at $675,000, it’s a beautiful and affordable home near the lakes.

Make it yours

If living in a historic home–without the upkeep and costs associated with restoration–is your dream, then this is one dream that we can help make come true.

And getting that process started is easier than you might think. Just reach out to Jane O'Reilly at Lakes Area Realty today and she will answer any question you have about the property as well as financing it. Do it soon before this home gets scooped up from the market. 


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