Lakeville police find out frequent 911 callers were a couple of dogs

They should've checked the collar ID before answering.
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Everyone knows that dogs can't control the TV remote because they always hit the paws button, but some breeds are more than capable of calling the cops. 

Take the two pooches in Lakeville who dialed 911 a far-fetched 16 times on Thursday. 

No rolling around here, it's true. Lakeville Police Department tweeted part of the 911 transcript, at which point the dogs had given them a ring just three times. 

Police checked in on the house after the frequent 911 hangups and quickly realized it was a Mastiff waste of time, since nobody was home but two mutts who couldn't keep their paws off the phone. 

We've heard of dogs doing crazy things, but dialing 911 that many times has to be the furst of its kind. 

Editor's note: Bring Me The News does not officially recognize nor condone the liberal use of puns in this article.

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