Life keeps getting better for college student who launched 'Krispy Kreme Run Minnesota'

The 21-year-old is getting a nice cargo van to help boost his business.
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Business keeps getting better for Jason Gonzalez, the 21-year-old Champlin man who has gained national attention after word got out that he was driving to Iowa weekly on Krispy Kreme donut runs, then selling the glazed treats for profit in the Twin Cities. 

At first, Krispy Kreme made him stop the operation, then thought better of it and made him a sole proprietor who is now the only Krispy Kreme provider in Minnesota. At a conference in Chicago this week, Krispy Kreme took it a step further by partnering with Daimler North America, which donated Gonzalez a brand new Mercedes Sprinter van. 

"It won’t come until January, but it was an amazing feeling and I am forever grateful," Gonzalez wrote on his Facebook page. 

That means easier hauling, and a heckuva lot more donuts on his weekly 540 round trip to the nearest Krispy Kreme in Clive, Iowa. 

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The donated van means Gonzalez no longer needs a new vehicle, which he'd started a GoFundMe for just a week or so ago. He's planning to use the money donated to the online fundraiser to pay for taxes on the van, plus expenses for snow tires, insurance, and title and registration. 

But anyone who wants a refund can get it, as Gonzalez says "I will take no offense." 

Gonalez, a senior accounting student at Metropolitan State University, started his delivery business with the intention of helping him pay off any college debt he's accrued. Now it's turning into a real business, with a cargo van replacing his Ford Focus. 

"The opportunities that I have been introduced to has been life changing, and I couldn’t have had this happen if it wasn’t for you all," Gonzalez said. "Thank you for changing my life, and I can’t wait to start up again."

He expects his next run to Iowa will happen by early December. 

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