'Live from Here' is leaving St. Paul, heading to New York for at least the 2019 season

Minnesota's capital been the show's home base since the 'A Prairie Home Companion' days.
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If the change of host, departure of key show members and new name didn't officially put an end to the "A Prairie Home Companion" era, this might.

The program - now known as "Live from Here" and hosted by Chris Thile - will move to New York's The Town Hall for the 2019-20 season. The "Live from Here" social media accounts describe it as the show's "new home."

Jeffy Hnilicka, the show's managing director, said the move "puts us in the heart of the one of the great hubs of our industry," according to Jam Base.

Neither "Live from Here" nor "A Prairie Home Companion" had been exclusively bound to Minnesota, often venturing from its home base of St. Paul's Fitzgerald Theater to tour the U.S. But it always returned to its Midwest roots, a region which defined the tone and tenor of the show from its creation in 1974.

But with longtime host Garrison Keillor willingly stepping away (a short time later being accused of inappropriate behavior), and the acclaimed musician Thile taking over, a change like this has felt inevitable.

The announcement doesn't say anything about beyond 2020, however. So maybe it'll come back? It wouldn't be unprecedented.

"A Prairie Home Companion" went off the air for two years starting in 1987. And when it returned, it did so from New York for the next half decade, the "Live from Here" website explains, adding: "But there’s no place like home. So five years later, it was back to Minnesota."

Unless, that is, you've found a new home.

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